Since the advent of online poker, there were arguments on both sides say that online poker is rigged. While one side argues that it changes with the truth in poker sites in the debate, the opposition says, that occur in this way too many anomalies on sites that are not forged.

For a better understanding of the debate, this article takes a look behind the scenes in the software that controls most of the major online poker sites. Look deep into this, trying to explain what motivates the discussion and what is actually happening.


Online poker is very different live poker because the case of line cards is controlled by software that can be modified and altered by programmers. In a live game, the cards are shuffled from one person and distributed without the possible interference of an external force. (Except actuators, mechanics or persons jumper setting) cards are in a live game, «default» as soon as the shuffle, and the cut is completed.

Internet poker is the Shuffle by a random number generator (RNG), which uses a sophisticated set of protocols that simulate cutting a deck at random and controlled. RNG, by all accounts, to ensure that the cards are not foreseeable that the player can not handle, and is to simulate a real life experience.

Besides the RNG, the Internet poker sites and controls to prevent collusion and a variety of hand action potential to encourage players in the game Some of these controls are (or poker algorithms), designed to provide producing an atmosphere particularly exciting for players draw heavy boards create.

Hands induction effect

These actions inducing hands create the most constant bad beats and future claims that online poker is rigged. If a player is a victim of what otherwise appears to be a very improbable bad beat, you probably believe that online poker is rigged.

The fact that the poker sites want to add all the controls, algorithms or other programs outside the scope of the real part seems to indicate that. One way that online poker is rigged Amendments to the real facts and statistics credibility to the fact that the software creates an unfair advantage, actors fewer hands under the sole purpose of promoting.

The reasoning behind rigging

Some argue that poker sites for safe handling of their profits, and the game would be stupid to do so. However, from the highly publicized cheating scandals seen several online poker sites, it is clear that operators of online poker sites can not be resolved quickly or even recognize when there is a problem.

The main objective of all poker sites is to make profit. The conclusion is, require rake in cash games and tournaments. Because earnings are easily a motivating factor, there is no reason to believe that the site could prepare. A party for their own benefit is nonexistent Especially a regulator, so the poker sites do not have to answer to a higher authority.

The difficulty rigging online game

From a programmer’s perspective, it is quite easy online poker platform. Mainly because the cards and deal and mix, and the result is a computer program that is easily determined by a number of additional programs or codes, which are controlled by established publishers poker.

For example, it would be easy to pre-program operating a high pocket pair in each hand 25 seat 7 by simply adding a few lines of code to give. In addition, programs can be easily manipulated to obtain hands treating a particular player, but losing hands to address a special seat or player.

All this is easy to achieve, since the agreement of these cards are not controlled by a computer program and actually random, as in the case of a live game or poker. The truth of the matter is that the additional software and realize their true game, online poker is rigged.

One advantage is that the player can have in the world of online poker is the ability of these anomalies and patterns that seem to recognize. If you are aware of a possible situation in online poker has become rigged, and is familiar with how to recognize, you can take advantage of the trap set by the poker room.