My original article on this topic were obviously very popular and demand more reader sent me that I mentioned in my original article, feed some of the sites shit loads developed for one purpose – «to separate you from your money does not fall in t trap.. Be ready. playing smart. You must accept the fact that there exists a set of dice, you can get an edge over the casino. The player can not be deemed as a long-term advantage over the house, and that includes the latest trends to get rich systems that control the creation of the dice or extracts of these are not blogs, forums or discussion groups. They are websites that sell products related to the dice. My analysis and criticism is based on my opinion and as valid until proven guilty by a competent and independent tribunal. Closing statements and ridiculous with my analysis of why I think a lot of shit.

Summary: The body of a website says: «(name withheld) craps strategy craps table, like when you pull back to the bank, who won six times a week, and is considered fully guaranteed to win.. »

ANALYSIS: .. By reading this page, immediately focused on securing the top of the page is where striking quickly, the seller boasts that to win his system, so guarantee you asked, «What guarantee, exactly?» Later, in the bottom of the page, I found what he says: «I guarantee you will (name deleted) with the method to be satisfied or I will refund the purchase completely, if you study the above devices within 60 days. way to hear the band, playing the role, and try the casino. If you’re not happy, simply press the device, and I will return your money. «Although the seller boasts that your system is guaranteed to win, that security is not to win something. The guarantee applies only if you are satisfied. Cleverly does not guarantee that the system gain. Looks suspicious, do not you? Also note that the guarantee will study the documents, you will hear the recording practice, and test it in a casino requires.

There can be more than 60 days, to finally conclude that they are not happy, if the warranty has expired. I suspect the seller. So the fact that people simply forget guarantees everything they buy, or not to have based the time to send the request for money The seller says, while his system wins six times out of seven, which means that lost only once in seven years. Therefore, it is determined that the system gives an advantage over player 86% (or 6. 7 = 0. 86). Huh? You mean the casino where the player plays take advantage of 86%? I have serious doubts (and you should). I can help ‘roll t, but my chair laughing hysterically absurd casinos player never accept any advantage, no matter the lighting conditions of the casino always has the advantage -.!. if there is ever one thing. in game, the players, there was a slight advantage to the casino to change the rules to prohibit the advantage and went to the casino.

SUMMARY: On the way, let’s look at another place I found this guy sales stranger approaching the top of their website says: «If you are like me, you bought a book or two.. and can be a successful strategy in the Internet should get rich on the craps tables. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are successful strategies dice! The house always has the advantage over all dice paris and strategies.

But I’m here to tell you is the house at the craps tables (name withheld) swing my craps strategy, the much, much more than a simple strategy, paris. «find the latest secure site that says» money in 60 days 100% satisfaction guarantee Back Guarantee. (name removed) After my store craps strategy if you do not agree that you can make money with the system (name removed), simply request a refund. No questions asked. allows virtually test my system without knowing that you can easily get a refund, no problem, if you want. «Then he said later,» the basis of (name deleted) is nothing new. This is just to paris place $ 30 on the 6 and 8, but with flair to replace a system with an advantage of 1. 52% to a value between 0% and 1. 52% incalculable. »

ANALYSIS:.? I find it strange, as its sales approach, immediately said given no such thing as a winner, then tries to sell his winning system Huh That makes no sense, right? , Talk to a potential customer who is not selling bet, then, that the winning customer very strange that the word «may», accented with a capital letter («I’m here to tell you.. to beat the house.. . «), instead of the word» may «. This man obviously trying, at least, attention to their requests in writing «may» instead of paying «will.» Each system idiot «can» win roles, but eventually, his victories never exceed the house wins. The house always has the statistical advantage and win more than they lose in the long run. Now let’s look at the appearance of warranty, as usual, no guarantee that the winning system in the long run in place, or your money back if not satisfied –.. not mention any guarantee that the system will have a long-term winner. The trick is that the buyer has only 60 days for a refund.

What is the limit of 60 days? Do not understand why this limitation is imposed, not even mentioned in the warranty if the system consistently earn hundreds or thousands of dollars in a few hours (as called evidence claim), then you might think, all buyers are always fully satisfied. thereby not necessary. limitation of 60 days In fact, if anyone ever won, there would be no need for a guarantee, right? And then there is the curious statement that «…. It is a system with an advantage of 1. 52% to between 1. 52% and incalculable changes 0%» its only not very good in math, since all paris systems (ie, combinations and different modes of Paris) can be calculated in relation to the house advantage. I think I was too lazy to understand. Anyway, this guy has zero credibility in my opinion. I recommend you stay away from this guy and his system of «winning».

Learn from this article and my other articles in the series. Once and for all, do it in your head that craps is designed for you to lose. No system has ever existed or will exist, occur. long-term benefits for the player not to be a jerk, there’s only one way you can expect to win -. . «Difference» to understand the statistical phenomenon called The Secret of the dice, the variance is to understand how to recognize and how to enjoy it when you are in your favor. Play smart enough to know the difference Your only hope is to maximize your fun without losing your shirt. Find out in the real game, not in a fantasy land of false hope.