When you just start playing blackjack you always have a lot of questions. That’s why we decide to discuss the most common casino blackjack tips and strategies, which may be very helpful for the inexperienced players.

One of the situations which confusing many gamblers is when both you and dealer have a pair of nines each. On the first sight you cards are quite good, but the best strategy is to minimize the possible losses. Statistic says that your pair of nines will beat the dealer’s only in 40% of cases, but in a case you split you have a chance to get 19 or even better, it gives you 50% to win. You may think it’s a madness to split such good hand, but if you think it over, you will see that this decision is very vise.

Another interesting situation take place when you have a pair of eights and the dealer – ten. It’s not easy for understanding that you may split your pair of eights and get two hands of 18 and have a chance to win both bets. Certainly you don’t have a guarantee that everything happens according to this scenario, but if you lose 8 is not so hard when you lose 16.

Many inexperienced gamblers try to save themselves and stay on soft 17, which is not the best decision. The problem is you can win the game only in a case the dealer busts. But in this situation you can’t lose anything hitting some other card trying to improve the hand you have. In other words you increase your chances to win if you hit or double down when you have soft 17. Many gamblers don’t understand clearly what means to forfeit a half of the wager. You think you lose a half of your bet, but it also means you save a half of the bet, which is very helpful in some situations and generally may even increase your profit.