Although cynics might say that public relations efforts by the appearance of Ivan Demidov Main Event final table of the WSOP Europe Main (see Figure 29) were saved, the show proved to be worth the wait. Hope poker purists always Scot Montgomery and Chino Rheem, while the emotional longing for his return Kelly Kim. It was Peter Eastgate became king, but complete what has been an exciting 2008 Main Event.

Goes Deep eighth consecutive Although Harrington does not sound as impressive as he went two years in a row, can not be underestimated in Dan Harrington disposal may be achieved in the years 2003 and 2004 Main Event. With areas of 839 and 2576, «Action Dan» finished third and fourth, collecting $ 2. 15 million – more than double the amount deducted in order to win in 1995. How times have changed.

Seventh Stu Ungar – Back to back champion. They believe that he was the most talented poker player naturally all the time. Indeed, only in Gin Rummy, Ungar was forced into action literally poker hand then dried in your favorite game. The switch proved to be a wise man, and in 1980 the child sit in front of Ungar finally legend Doyle Brunson Vegas is heads-up for the lot – even more impressive when you consider that later claimed that the first time that d ‘was never played Texas Hold’em.

Many people were intimidated confidence game Ungar Brunson was unsurpassed. The final hand saw two couples with failed Doyle A-7 on a flop of A-7-2 rainbow, and draw a call with his gutshot Hungarian speculative. The 3 on the turn gave Stuey nuts, its 4. 5 only an ace or seven years, when the money went in on fourth street to avoid. The river paired the devil, and Ungar frimousse as WSOP Champion.

If the gain in 1980, Ungar was no suggestion of beginner’s luck as his comeback in 1981, left no doubt as to the defense of his title after defeating Perry Green heads. «The Kid» came to town and won – twice.

Sixth The bracelet says some extent a poker battle not won much money but have some bracelets. Hellmuth, Brunson and Chan led the way, with the triumvirate with nine each. In 2005, the race has accelerated, with Chan won his tenth bracelet after defeating Phil Laak heads-up bracelet in Pot Limit Hold’em $ 2, 500. Like a firecracker for the start of the friendly rivalry, the short reign of Chan was abolished as a leader in Doyle Brunson said. His tenth of $ 5, 000 Short-handed No Limit Hold’em less than a week after

In his hunger never need refueling, Phil Hellmuth saw two victories to his friends as extensions of the track championship gold with a new vigor. Hellmuth 2005 would be sterile, but could not wait any longer before tying ten bracelets, winning the $ 1, 000 No Limit Hold’em with rebuys. His eleventh in the $ 1, 500 No Limit Hold’em, breaks all records again. Old habits die hard, apparently.

Fifth Johnny Two Times Brunson was to win the first back-to-back, while Ungar broke the history books with his exploits in the eighties. Most impressive of all is when the repetition is Johnny Chan. The first two victories came in 1987, when he survived a final table, including Howard Lederer and Dan Harrington. It was the second final table is the best known, with the heads-up victory against Erik Seidel later immortalized «Rounders». With field size as large as it is in the modern game, Chan is probably the last person to ever successfully defend his title.

There are two ways to explain this hand, you can use the cards to speak paris and actions, or we could say the appointment of Mike in «Rounders» made.

«Johnny Chan flop the nut straight and the discipline to wait for him. Bluff He knows she is Seidel. Fucking Johnny Chan. Chan is trying to sucker some time. Locate the order. Look at this shit. He knows his man enough well as to win all the way and risk nothing to do with these cards. belongs. «That is, if you flop the nuts helps against top pair heads-up. Of course it could be a hat-trick if he does … for a young man from Wisconsin who had all the confidence in the Hungarian front of him

Fourth Hellmuth became the youngest champion of all time was adjusted from the date of the final table of the Main Event in 1989, felt that history would be made. Johnny Chan was attempted in the first man to win three times in a row, while the player was satisfied with the name of Phil Hellmuth chance to break the record of Stu Ungar as the winner of the most recent developments overcome. With both outlasting a final table with Noel Furlong and Mr. same WPT, Lyle Berman, he rose to the Chan – Final Hellmuth, who rewrite the record books. Chan had described Hellmuth carpet Hellmuth play aggressive and when done with a pair of nine (yes, we know – very loosely for Hellmuth), Chan was called with ace-seven. The nines held and a new star is born. NASA also reported that it is believed that a new planet has been discovered in a nearby galaxy. Later Phil Hellmuth proved ego.

Third Moneymaker Chris Moneymaker won the victory in 2003 literally transformed poker. Heads up against high stakes player Sammy Farha Tennessee counter showed the world that anything is possible, by winning the first winner of the online satellite for the main event. He sat down one day a satellite on PokerStars to play, Chris bought a $ 39 satellite and qualify for what would be his first live tournament. An unknown quantity, Moneymaker got the likes of Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey play in the manner of charging $ 2. 5 million first prize.

The victory opened the minds of everyday people in the street, when he hit an employee saw a professional, everyone thought that it would earn $ 2. 5 million. Virus poker magazines were printed and broadcast journalists are still the idea of?? a world champion. One of these days …

Chip Reese Wins Second inaugural $ 50, 000 HORSE with many players flooding the main event, many experts now the $ 50, 000 HORSE, the true test of poker, the best all-rounder. The event was introduced in 2006, and the final table certainly provided us with some of the best games – to name players, Doyle Brunson, TJ Cloutier, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius in only four – and famous.

A name that was not in the bar, David ‘Chip’ Reese could have been called. Recognized by his peers as perhaps the best cash game players in the world, Reese never had the spotlight associated with winning poker tournaments searched. When the opportunity came, the world’s best in the biggest buy-in to play in the series, the temptation was too great for Reese.

Then he took only two hours to lose the first seven face to face battle between Reese and Andy Bloch was epic. Seven games between the two in the lead change hands a million times (well, a bit exaggerated) seen, and the duel was a testament to both players. Since we moved to take another speed can change at any time.

It was cruel to lose someone, but it was Reese will win, the event proved to be stronger. Having suffered several blows hard, Bloch was found in a bowl of rice and even proverbial Call your chips to 9-8 against AQ of Reese. Typical Bloch opportunity to important moments, not improving. Reese showed the world that was actually one of the biggest. As if you did not already know.

A. Comeback Kid, was the main event of recovering a feat that deserves recognition. About 16 years ago, lived with drug abuse, arrests and liabilities, was terrible. This word can summarize Stu Ungar in many ways, the greatest talent was to take poker ever coming in 1997 reminded the world that the drug had – and still has – to deprive the world of poker.

The years between 1981 and 1997 was a hell of a repeat of addiction, gambling and personal torment. Married to a childhood friend, Stuey had seen the birth of his daughter Stephanie and the adoption of the son of Madeline from a previous marriage, Richie. Shortly after her high school prom, Richie committed suicide – an event that would.